Art Connects Women Digital is the result of two women disruptors joining forces to revolutionise, for women artists internationally, the ability to monetise their art efficiently and with wide online reach, while in the same wind, protecting them and their creation.

Art Connects Women Digital is the first global marketplace for digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), focused on female artists. In partnership with Digital Partners Network Group, ZeeArts extends its Art Connects Women initiative into the digital realms whilst further promoting and advocating for women empowerment in the art industry.

Art Connects Women Digital serves as an entry point for women artists to adapt and dynamically shift their thinking and art to make the most of the digital economy and blockchain technology, whilst maintaining all the traditional protection to art afforded by laws, legal precedents and curator enforced norms and best practices.

Art Connects Women Digital creates digital art and NFTs, for vetted and approved artists and only works with trusted curators, art dealers and art advisors and applies best international AML/CFT and compliance standards for the protection of all stakeholders.

ZeeArts Gallery

ZeeArts is a global art incubator nestled in Dubai with a mission to connect creatives of disparate disciplines through our line-up of artistic initiatives and projects. Annually, our calendars are riddled with programme including Exhibitions and Art Fairs, Artist Empowerment Program, Arts & Cultural Retreats, Art Talks and Socially Engaged Art Projects that places Artists, Curators, Art dealers, Art writer, Collectors and Private Sectors on the same page of the art market.

Digital Partners Network

Digital Partners Network (DPN) is a leading group of professional, legal, and financial services firms which focuses on automation, digitalization, use of AI and Blockchain technology. DPN provides a one-stop shop and tailored professional services to meet the demands of disruptive businesses as well as traditional businesses. DPN is part of international networks which gives it an additional international edge to meet the demands of its client base.

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