Dagmar Wankowski



Dagmar Wankowski

Dagmar Wankowski was born 1954 in Berlin / Germany. She worked as a Freelance Editor for TV and Movie.  Berlin is the center of her life and artistic work. Wankowski began painting in the year 2000. She started with oil color and natural motives, but she didn‘t take long that she wanted to try abstract paintings with other materials like acrylic and watercolor. In 2011 she stepped out of her atelier to show her works for the first time to the public. Wankowski’s first solo exhibition at “Berliner Liste 2011”  Germany. After that she did several local and international exhibitions such as:

  • 2012 Solo Exhibition during documenta(13) in Kassel  Germany
  • 2013 Unbound perspectives at Agora Gallery New York  USA
  •  2014 Miami River Art Fair USA with Art Critic and Curator Dr. Aust-Wegemund
  • 2016   FORM_A(R)T 24. Internationale Kunstausstellung  Germany
  • 2018   Woman Art Award Ceremony in Madrid  Italy
  • 2016-2019 Gallery Ewa Helena in Hamburg  Germany

Dagmar Wankowski’s lithe acrylic paintings reach out to touch the timeless — to make the viewer, in the painter’s own words, “forget the everyday issues that distract from the beauty of surrounding nature.” Wankowski creates intelligent, intricate abstract work in which paint blossoms and pools like water, deep and strong one instant and barely there the next. Her compositions seem to grow organically, without a single center or direction but with one color building upon another. And it is with her colors that the artist creates a specific, grounded evocation of nature.


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