Elena P. Knoll

Artist & Art teacher


Elena P. Knoll

Elena P. Knoll was born in Germany and grew up in Rome/Italy. She studied at School of Arts in Rome and graduated as a qualified art teacher. She taught several years at an Italian primary/secondary school. Back in Germany in 1994, she founded a company where she worked as GM until 2011. Since 2012 she works again exclusively as an artist, illustrator and book author.
Elena P. Knoll has taken part in several exhibitions in Germany and Italy, and also in Dubai, China and the USA.

With pen-and-ink, Elena P. Knoll tells about antagonism and symbiosis, about destruction and hope, about everyday life and dreams, and she reports of the footprints that human beings leave on our planet.
The artist is always looking for beauty and harmony in every detail: in the oceans’ waves, in the sharp eyes of an eagle, in the delicate skin of an octopus, in the soft fur of a feline, but also in a simple wall or an ancient door.
With her drawings, she addresses emotional issues that personally affect people. Taking a closer look, everyone can find their own thoughts and sorrows but also their dreams and wishes in Elena’s paintings.

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