Mariana Siebold


Our Artists

Mariana has lived immersed in the art world since childhood. Her great talent lead her to better schools, both nationally and internationally. She gained a Bachelor in Fine Arts at Manhattanville College in New York. She has successfully exhibited in more than a dozen prestigious places in Guatemala and the United States. Her work belongs to private collections around the world. She has an impressive number of individual and collective exhibitions. Her work has been presented in Las Vegas, going through New York and multiple events in Guatemala. Mariana is also an art teacher.

At age 16 I got a scholarship to attend one of the United World Colleges. These schools select 1 person from each country each year and aim to promote World Peace through the creation of international leaders. Being an artist, I have always felt the call to fulfill that mission. I want my art to contribute globally in a positive way, and the way I want to do it is through a MULTIVERSE language. My artwork is a language, a link of meditation.
Through interlocking super brane quantum circles, I am telling the world that we are all united. That what we do and what we do not do affects us all, whether politically, spiritually, or economically.

– Mariana Siebold


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