Naem Othman Alozaibi



Our Artists

A Yemeni Artist who is specialized in the Miniatures and the Islamic decoration holding a bachelor degree in the Nature Sciences from the University of Taiz in 1994. Attended many art training & educating sessions to be an Art Teacher. Worked as a Senior Consultant for Art at the Ministry of Education in Taiz. Participated in many national exhibitions in different cities in Yemen. Also have participated in international exhibitions in different countries such as Morocco, Algeria Turkey, and the UAE.

She has fallen in love with this type of art because it takes you throughout a journey around her beloved Yemen. She always thinks of her paintings as an ancient manuscript for the coming generations telling the story of Yemen. Her paintings reflect traditional clothes, food, crafts, history and all aspects of the Yemeni lifestyle. She is always inspired by her country’s rich civilization that goes back to thousands of years. Therefore, She loves to document the ancient kings and queens of Yemen stories such as queen Balqees and prophet Sulaiman inspirational story.

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