Nancy Tschetner


New Zealand

Nancy Tschetner

Inspired by the natural landscape & elements found in New Zealand, I have created an eccentric style & presentation of art. Using over 40 different shades of natural sand. With the color variations of the sand, I have the ability to capture the distinctive attributes of that special person, place, beloved pet or landscape, in a highly detailed & personalized sand portrait/sand painting.
The majority of my work is created with solely the natural shades of 40 different grains of sand. I paint with adhesive and apply the tones of sand layer -by layer, line -by line, leaving each shade to dry, before applying the next.
I use the different colors and structures of sand to embrace Mother Earth’s treasures, creating the illusion of different natural textures and materials.

In some paintings, I use acrylic paint to incorporate colors not available in nature and other mixed media to highlight details.
The sparkly texture of the sand brings any subject to life.
I like to remind humanity worldwide about the importance of our relationship to Mother Nature.
I love spending time outdoors and listening to Mother Nature.
I wondering what wisdom she would share if she could talk. My paintings carry messages.
Through my work, I thrive to recreate the feeling of being in nature, to make the viewers want to experience these feelings again.
I am a creative connector and want to reconnect people to each other, art and nature.
Nature provides us with most of what we need to lead a healthy, sustainable life.

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